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Asociación AMA

Project leader: Leslie Mejía, 28

Leslie Mejía will lead the project carried out by Asociación AMA to increase knowledge of sexual and reproductive health and rights topics among members of the organization and increase the didactic skills of primary school teachers in Southern Petén. Asociación AMA will also engage in local advocacy with the Ministry of Education and Health in Petén and at the national level.

Asociación COINCIDIR

Project leader: Benilda Martínez, 24

Benilda will lead the Asociación COINCIDIR project to improve the permanence, success and enrollment of adolescents in secondary schools in the municipality of San Luis Jilotepeque in the department of Jalapa. They will support girl-led advocacy to follow-up on commitments made by the current municipal mayor for investments in education. They will also strengthen their Center for Adolescent Development, which provides training and tutoring services to adolescent girls. Improvements will be made in parent’s and community leader’s knowledge and attitudes regarding the value of girls’ education. Finally, they will support the implementation of girl protection policies in 3 schools.

GOJoven Guatemala

Project leader: Joseline Esteffania Velásquez Morales, 24

Joseline will lead the GOJoven Guatemala project to establish multi-stakeholder spaces for work in favor of girls and adolescents in 5 municipalities. Monitoring will be done of sexual and reproductive health indicators in each municipality with an emphasis on adolescent pregnancies and forced unions. Action plans for the prevention of forced unions will be developed and implemented and political dialogues will be initiated with key actors in the executive and legislative branches.