Past Grantees


Current Grantees

Asociación AMA

Project leader: Leslie Mejía, 28

Leslie Mejía will lead the project carried out by Asociación AMA to increase knowledge of sexual and reproductive health and rights topics among members of the organization and increase the didactic skills of primary school teachers in Southern Petén. Asociación AMA will also engage in local advocacy with the Ministry of Education and Health in Petén and at the national level.


Project leader: Benilda Martínez, 22 años

Benilda Martínez will lead COINCIDIR’s project to strengthen the organization’s community development center for adolescents and provide the courses and support necessary for young women to succeed in school. COINCIDIR will also monitor the agreements reached last year with the mayor of the municipality of San Luis Jilotepeque for improvements in local secondary schools to make them safer for girls. They will continue to educate parents and other community leaders about the importance of keeping girls in school until they graduate.

GOJoven Guatemala

Project co-leaders: Joseline Esteffania Velásquez Morales, 23 and Ingrid Janeth Gálvez Cuyún, 31

Joseline Velasquez Morales and Ingrid Gálvez will jointly lead GOJoven Guatemala’s project to inform key state and municipal decision makers, including lawyers, judges and local elected officials, about the recent reform in Guatemala that increased the age of marriage from 14 years for girls and 16 years for boys to 18 years for both. GOJoven Guatemala will collaborate with the Human Rights Attorney’s office to disseminate this new legislation in 12 states around the country. They will also launch a communication campaign aimed at both citizens and decision-makers about the reform.

Women’s Justice Initiative  (WIJ)

Project Leader: Sandra Cocón, 30

Sandra Cocón will lead Women’s Justice Initiative’s project to expand their existing girls empowerment program to new communities in the municipality of Patzun, Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Through skill-building and empowerment workshops for girls, awareness raising sessions with parents and the development of advocacy plans with community leaders, they will increase support for young girls to pursue their personal goals and delay marriage. Women’s Justice Initiative will provide legal support for specific cases of early marriage, should the need arise.